■UZUICHI Studio & ■UZUMAKI Studio

Hours: 11:00 -18:00
39-2-2F, Ichinoi-cho, Uzumasa, Ukyo-Ku, Kyoto 616-8107, Japan

Studio Uzuchi and Uzmaki are studios next to each other in the same building. “Uzu” which is common to the two cases is derived from “Uzumasa” which is the name of the area. The location is on the second floor of a two-story factory in a corner of a residential area, close to the Toei Kyoto Studio Park. Most of the artists work on painting, but there is also a common woodworking room, which is an environment where various works can be made as needed.

▪️UZUICHI Studio Total 4 artists
HARAGUCHI Minami / Painting / instagram.com/rainbow_moci

KOYANAGI Yutaka / Painting / http://www.yutakakoyanagi.com/

MATSUI Satoko / Installation Art / http://matsui-satoko.com

YOSHIOKA Chihiro / Painting / http://www.yoshiokachihiro.com/

▪️UZUMAKI Studio Total 2 artists
MATSUURA Akane / Painting / http://akanematsuura.tumblr.com/

NAGAI Mayuka / Drawing,Installation Art / http://www.mayuka00n.tumblr.com

UZUICHI Studio & UZUMAKI Studio / Representative: MATSUI Satoko / 090-8201-5194、uzuichi.studio@gmail.com