The Coffee Table

「The Coffee Table」
コーヒー(ホットまたはアイス)、エアロプレス / ハンドドリップ
【バリスタ】ミロタ・クリストフ (Christoph MILLOTAT) 建築設計 (Architectural Design)
【場所】A.S.K. -Atelier Share Kyoto 2F

The Coffee Table
coffee. Aeropress and pour-over, hot or cold

2019.9.6–9.8, 11:00–17:00
A.S.K. (2F)
Barista: Christoph MILLOTAT / Architectural Design /

Materials, process, timing, adjustment, taste, refinement. Getting lost in details. Assembling the whole. Creation. art, design, engineering, architecture, music, and sports. You name it. All is everything. Awesome. But better with coffee.