■A.S.K. –Atelier Share Kyoto + Alt Space POST

A.S.K. ーAtelier Share Kyoto + Alt Space POST
Hours: 11:00 -18:00
Yaemon Bldg, 12, Nishida-cho, Saiin, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 615-0055 Japan

ASK is a three-storey building converted from a Kyoto dyeing workshop, a 10-minute walk from Hankyu Nishikyogoku Station. Currently, there are a total of 12 artists working in a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, photography, design, fashion, dyeing and weaving. During the open studio event, the artist-run gallery “Alt Space POST” on the 1st floor will host two guest artists in the exhibition “The Echo of Songs” by Takuya Yamaguchi and Joel Stewart. A drop-in workshop for children is scheduled as well as an architectural studio introducing their favourite coffees.

▪️Alt Space POST on the 1st floor will held the exhibition

YOSHIDA Marimo: Workshop for Children

Catering Cafe: The Coffee Table

Exhibition: Jarda

▪️Total 13 artists
FUSIKINO Kaori / Dress Designer / www.sona-fuku.com

KAWAMURA Norio / Sculpture,Installation Art / http://noriokawamura.jp/

KITA Kodai / Painting,Installation Art / http://kodaikita.com

KURATA Kazue / Dyeing and Weaving, Accessories / https://ichiharu.theshop.jp/

NAKAYASHIKI Tomonari / Painting / https://nakayashiki.wixsite.com/tomonari

NARADA Koji / Painting / http://narada-koji.com/

OHMAE Haruna / Sculpture

SAKIKAWA Marie / Performance

Tomas SVAB / Photograph / http://www.23degrees.net

Saori SVABOVA / Photograph

TORII Yuito / Japanese Painting

YAMAMOTO Naoki / Installation Art, Drawing

A.S.K. -Atelier Share Kyoto + Alt Space POST / Representative: NAKAYASHIKI Tomonari / https://alt.space-post.org/contact/ (Alt Space POST, Website Contactform)